Service Fees


Service Fees

from 25.00

Have you ever dreamed of being a fairy? Well, here is the next best thing. With a little bit of photo editing magic and a splash of pixie dust, we can turn you, or your child, into a fairy for a whimsical gift or keepsake.

Service Options:

Studio Location/$225.00

Meet photographer at Camera Commons in Dover, NH, for a one hour studio session

Home Location/$195.00

Photographer will visit your house for a portrait session, within a 25 mile radius of 03820.

Includes one 8x10 Created Enchanted Print, signed and titled 11x14 mat

Digital Artist

Digital Upload/Send Me Your Image $50.00 flat rate

Upload photo of the subject posing in an appropriate angle, sitting or standing, for the preferred background. For guidance, see the models in the sample poses. 

Need sharp, well lighted images, prefer front facing subjects without anything cut off

File types: jpeg, tiff, img, png

Email and together we can create an enchanting image!

Please note only share images that you own the rights to or have permission to use

Product Options:

Created Enchanted Print

5x7 print $20.00 - each additional print $10.00

8x10 print $30.00 - each additional print $10.00

11x14 print $40.00 - each additional print $20.00

Signed, Titled and Matted Enchanted Print

5x7 print 8x10 mat $35.00

8x10 print 11x14 mat $45.00

11x14 print 16x20 mat $60.00

Eco-Friendly 5x7 Greeting Card with Envelope

4x6 Enchanted greeting card print, signed and titled $6.95

five (5) 4x6 Enchanted greeting card prints, signed and titled $35.00

Digital Download

5x7 digital download print $25.00 per image

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


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